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1746 Cole Blvd : Suite 340 : Lakewood, CO 80401  

  • Groundwater Supply: Drilling on Cattle Ranch in South Park, Colorado
  • Groundwater Rights: Drilling in Hooper, Colorado, USA
  • Groundwater Rights: Upper Pierre Aquifer drilling in Weld County, Colorado
  • Surface Water Rights: Flume in Grandy County, Colorado
  • Surface Water Rights: Colorado River in Grand County, Colorado
Who We Are
Quantum Water & Environment offers water rights, water supply, hydrogeologic, engineering, and environmental expertise to private, commercial, and governmental agencies.
Certified by the City and County of Denver and CDOT as DBE, EBE, MWBE, and SBE.

"We are over three and a half years in business and still growing and going strong. We are grateful to our clients for their continued confidence in us!"
-Theresa Jehn-Dellaport, P.G.

“The Environmental Division is happy to be a part of Quantum Water & Environment. We pledge that each completed project will be delivered to our clients with the level of quality, price, and schedule that they expect from us. "
-John C. Dellaport, P.E., P.G., CHMM
  Environmental Division Manager
New at Quantum Water & Environment
Quantum Water & Environment is now offering Environmental Services! We deliver Environmental Program Management services to commercial, industrial and governmental entities. We have professional staff and technicians available for soil sampling, water sampling, indoor air quality testing, building material sampling, Phase I ESAs, Phase II ESAs, CDPS discharge permits, vapor mitigation plans, SPCC Plans, soil remediation, groundwater remediation and UXO clearance. Please visit our Environmental Services page or call for more information.